Should Pastors endorse political candidates/parties?

In an informal one on one setting, I have no problem with a pastor sharing who he would vote for and why. However, from the pulpit – on a sunday? Big time no. Addressing a issue/political issue from a biblical perspective – yes. But saying ‘vote for Wynn/vote for Harper/vote for whoever’? Nope!


Kevin DeYoung laying it down at T4G

Last spring I had the opportunity (and the blessing) to go down to Louisville Kentucky for the Together For The Gospel (T4G) conference with some of my best friends. It was a great time of worship and growth, and was three days of sermons and seminars full of gems like this:

What I love about this quote is it can be a simple and effective way to address/look at things and (potentially) teachings we can come across in ministry – at church – and with other Christians. But to be able to know if what is being said is true and in the bible, we need to get to know our bibles a lot more.

Also – on an unrelated note, just want to give a shout out/plug to the website . It’s a great Christian webcomic that covers a lot of issues from a biblical view, and something I hope to use as a resource when I do get back into ministry. It also inspired me a bit to start this blog and do more stuff with bible twitter. Check it out.

God bless homies

– Chris


Howdy! My name is Chris Cooke – a blessed former youth ministry worker who is married to an amazing wife, and now residing in the burgeoning metropolis of Waterdown Ontario. I would like to welcome you to my blog One Cross Street (formerly Title Pending). I’ll be updating when I can, which will be somewhat infrequently.

A couple things about the blog:

Why One Cross Street? Well, I’ll be honest, it’s partially from an inside joke (that would take to long to explain) – but something I keep coming back to. During my teens as I was wondering away from the Lord, He pulled me back to Him through four people (I randomly met) at a One Cross show at Edge 102 a friend and I (randomly) decided to go to. Through those people He reached out and brought me back into the fold.

The Bible Twitter posts are intended to be a satirical (but loving) account of the holy scriptures and how some of the conversations and exchanges could have played out (with occasional modern twists) using the simitator tweet generator found here:


To give credit where credit is due – all images are used from google (unless otherwise noted here – @316 is Jesus from David Wilkie’s excellent book ‘Coffee With Jesus’, Peter is Andrew Garfield, Paul is the dude who played Paul in The Bible).


The hope for this blog and the posts within would be that the could be used as resources for those in ministry and in the faith in general – my prayer is that it will be helpful to anyone who comes across it, and that our amazing heavenly Father will somehow use it to glorify His name and advance His kingdom.

May the Lord bless you all, and thanks for stopping by.

– Chris.