Friendship – Pastor Dave Lombardo


So this sermon is from my dear friend Pastor Dave Lombardo. It’s a guest talk in a sex series from the Upper Room Community Church (a series I’m definitely gonna be checking out later). I’ll link up to the website so you can download the audio of it if you can’t watch the video. Some really great God inspired truth in here. Well worth a listen.

(click me to go to the upper room website to get the audio)

Hope you enjoy, and God bless you all my friends.


The point of church should be Jesus

The above sermon was from 2011, but still holds up today. Now I’ll admit this is a sermon that takes one point and pummels us with it – but I like the point, and think it’s a good one. The other thing is during the many examples Fran Chan The Man gives to support his point, it DEFINITELY opens up possibility for discussion – so this could be a fun one to watch in a group – but also works by yourself (how do you feel about his overall point? do you agree with the conclusions he comes to with his examples? why/why not?).

Hope you all enjoy.

God bless my friends.