Acts 2:1-41 (ESV)

Acts 2 part 1

Acts 2 part 2

Acts 2 part 3

Today’s Bible Twitter is probably the most straight forward adaptation of scriptures that I’ve done. Outside of the first 5 or so tweets, I didn’t take too much ‘artistic liberty’. But I didn’t need to. I wanted this to play out like it did in the passage – but also like someone just hammering home on hashtag issue you sometimes get on twitter (and sadly facebook).

That probably didn’t need explaining. Hope it was enjoyed.

Now go read Acts 1 and 2.

God bless my friends.


Book of Jonah (ESV)

Jonah 1

Jonah 2

Jonah 3

Jonah 4

What’s interesting to me about Jonah is how often we can and HAVE been him. It’s easy to point out how ridiculous he’s being at the end of things – but it’s scary and we don’t often want to talk about (or even notice) how much we can be like him.

So ask yourself – who or what is your Nineveh. What/whom do you look at with more condemnation than prayer? I can say in the past that there were certain groups with ideologies that I disagreed with that I was more like Jonah when I thought of them – but praise God, now it’s more of a “I strongly disagree because it’s not biblical – but pray that the Lord will show them” (and loving) type thing.

Hope this was entertaining and useful.

God bless my friends.

Ephesians 5:16 and an update

ephesians 516
Hey guys – so I agree with this 100% – having too much time to do nothing for me has never lead to anything good. Just wanted to get that out of the way. My apologies for the lack of new content here in the bible twitter section, as I have been both on and off busy. Lately the hours at the store I work at have been cut, so my time has been occupied by way too much video gaming (not good), and then job searching. I’m trying to make up for that by adding more content to the other sections of the site, but I will try to be more diligent in creating new entries for this section.

God bless!

A summary of Judges

Judges vol 1

Judges vol 2

Judges vol 3

This was by far the largest (14 tweets) and longest (a whole book) Bible Twitter that I have made. I know it’s not as in depth (like the various posts on the book of Matthew) as some posts, but I tried to capture the essence of Judges.

The comment at the end is something I feel God has asked/pointed out to me – coincidentally the first time I noticed it was reading through Judges over a couple days. It was easy for me to see (and say) ‘man, if only the Hebrews kept listening to God – things kept going south when they stopped’ – but then in prayer after, I felt challenged to look at and ask myself if I was any different than them – and often I wasn’t. It’s something I think we all need to work on.

Praise be to God!

Blessing upon you my friends.

Matthew 10:34 and 38 ESV

Matthew 10

So I’ll be honest – today’s Bible Twitter has a bit more meaning behind it than the usual ‘oh wouldn’t that be neat/funny’ from me. As you read through some of the stuff I have posted/will post, you’ll know I have an issue with people/groups who twist and try to change what scripture means – and the group in that first tweet (which is the logo of the United Church of Canada) do that. That being said, pray for them. Please pray for them. Pray that they find their way.

I also want to give credit where it’s due – this was also inspired by a great comic over at Adam4d, which can be found just below:

God bless my friends!

Matthew 26:33-35 & 69-75 ESV (the longest one)

Matthew 26

Trying to keep this one both respectful and funny felt trickier than usual, but it was fun to make. Hope it’s enjoyed.

God bless you my friends.

– Chris

PS: At this point it’s gonna be at least a couple days before there’s any new ‘Bible Twitter’ posts (in this category) as I haven’t had the time recently to actually make them. The first 7 were easy cause they’ve been on/off worked on for the past several years (this, the Corinthians, and the John 10 post were the only ones made this past month), but I will be providing new content. Just wanted to give the heads up. Stay tuned!